2016 / 17 Xmas and New Years submission closure

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From the 15th of December to the 31st of Jan, GdM will be closing its unsolicited fiction submission window. Our team have worked their guts out for another year and it’s time to give them their evenings back for a bit.

Same as the last two years, we’ll be wrapping up the stories already submitted as best we can before putting the feet up on the stilled chest of a vanquished foe (who was probably a friend until three minutes ago when they made a lighthearted joke about our BBQing skills), cracking a beer pulled fresh out of the ice in our dragon skull esky, and enjoying the sun (or snow) for a bit.

All submissions received between 00:01 15th December 2016 AEST and 23:59 31st January 2017 will be deleted, unread, no exceptions. Submission queries for submissions made prior to the closure will be addressed accordingly.

The team and I would like to thank all submitting authors for sending their work to us this year. Thank you to those whose stories we purchased for trusting us to do your story justice. Thank you to those who waited for us to respond. Thank you to those who found value in the feedback efforts of the GdM reader team.

Happy holiday season, authors!

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